Full Check-Up

Full Check-Up

Full Check-Up

Full check-ups are useful in cases where you have health problems yet the usual lines of diagnosis by means of technology and laboratory tests have yielded no real results. It is often too short-sighted to categorize these health problems as "only psychosomatic". A major improvement in your wellbeing can be achieved by considering factors such as cellular metabolism, intestinal health, and regulation of the autonomic nervous system. There are both diagnostic and therapeutic options here drawn from concepts of Asian medicine. We offer you the full check-up in cooperation with our network of complementary medical offices.

The full check-up includes:

- HRV measurement (heart rate variability)

- technical autonomic function analysis

- fecal flora examination

- micronutrient analysis (orthomolecular vital substances)

- complete medical consultation


Orthomolecular Diagnosis

Compensating for a lack of micronutrients has a positive effect on many diseases, e.g. cardiovascular complications, allergies, exhaustion, burnout disorder, hair loss, metabolic diseases, joint diseases. Specific therapy with micronutrients noticeably improves the physical and psychological performance until old age. 

According to orthomolecular medicine, micronutrients play an important role in the formation and development of diseases. Micronutrients (vital substances) are minerals, trace elements, amino acids, vitamins, and fatty acids which can be detected by a special blood test, the so-called full blood analysis. Despite the abundant selection of nutritious foods nowadays, we frequently observe a lack of micronutrients. The tough physical and psychological strain on our organisms due to demanding activities or chronic overloading lead to a greater need for these vital substances. Our metabolism can only work best, when all necessary micronutrients are the right place at the right time.

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