Circulatory System

Vascular Diagnosis (Angiology)

Vascular Diagnosis (Angiology)

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In all aspects of vascular medicine, we offer you comprehensive diagnoses and consultations. Vascular diagnosis (angiology) is concerned with all veins and arteries of the body. Our focus lies in holistic and painless vascular examinations without negative side effects, employing MRI and ultrasound technology, i.e. MR angiography and color-coded duplex sonography. For definitive results we also utilize CT angiography (vascular imaging). We design individual treatment plans in close cooperation with our network partners. With us, all invasive and surgical vascular treatments are available to you.

MR Angiography

Today, MR angiography is the method of choice to display arterial vessels. Both the blood vessels in the neck and head and those in the rest of the body can be excellently examined by MR angiography. 

Thanks to the high-resolution...

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Vascular Ultrasound

With our modern ultrasound technology, we can display all vascular sections and all accessible blood vessels. Wherever there is air-filled tissue (lungs or bowels) or bones that absorb or reflect the ultrasound, we can complete the diagnosis...

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CT Angiography

CT angiography is a special radiological examination procedure which we only recommend when an MRI scan cannot be conducted due to the required X-rays associated with a CT angiogram. This technology displays the body's circulatory system in...

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Treadmill Ergometry

On the one hand, we employ treadmill ergometry to test the performance of athletes. To this end, we conduct not only an ECG diagnosis (ergometry) but also spiroergometry. By measuring the concentrations of oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2...

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