Interdisciplinary Sleep Medicine Consultation (InterSleep)

Interdisciplinary Sleep Medicine Consultation (InterSleep)

But it's only sleep . . .

A good night's sleep is very important for your performance and quality of life. At night, your body and soul regenerate, your breathing and heartbeat slow down, your brain processes the events of the day and learns from them. Hormones are created anew and important repair processes take place in your body.

. . . and when your sleep is disturbed

Lack of a good night's sleep is a 24-hour problem with many negative effects on your whole day. Nowadays we know: nightly breathing pauses or stops (sleep apnea syndrome) and snoring not only bother your partner in bed but also can be dangerous and in some cases even life-threatening.

Recurring breathing pauses greatly disturb your sleep and can lead to daily fatigue, loss of energy, headaches, lack of concentration, and the compulsion to sleep. Insufficient oxygen saturation and increased resistance in your airways can lead to higher blood pressure and cardiac arrhythmias with risk of stroke or heart attack. Loss in your libido and impotence are further possible consequences.

There are approximately 90 different diseases known in sleep medicine. Since sleep disorders are so varied and often have multiple causes, an extensive conversation on your medical history and an individual diagnosis are essential.

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