Mobile Sleep Diagnosis (Polysomnography)

Mobile Sleep Diagnosis (Polysomnography)

If you are suspected of having sleep apnea, then an outpatient polysomnography (sleeping test) should be conducted. You are given a small mobile device to take home which measures the most important parameters of your sleep.

We explain to you how to use the device and put on the sensors in our office. Of prime importance is that you wear the device for at least six hours while sleeping and that you bring it back to us by 2:00 p.m. at the latest on the following day so that the results can be evaluated right away. Patients who are not from Berlin can spend the night in a hotel with the device and have it sent back to us by a messenger. 

While you sleep, polysomnography records your respiratory flow and breathing pauses, respiratory pressure, oxygen saturation in the blood, number of heartbeats per minute (heart rate), as well as snoring sounds and your body's position.

In the case of proven sleep apnea, you should take part in a further examination in our sleep laboratory.