Regenerative Therapies (Infusions)

Regenerative Therapies (Infusions)

To regulate and strengthen your organism, we conduct naturopathic and complex homeopathic therapies using injections and infusions.  This treatment serves to support conventional therapy in cases of chronic diseases, delayed healing after severe sickness, states of exhaustion, and general loss in energy, e.g. at an older age, burnout, chronic fatigue, increased tendency to become infected, and vitamin deficiency. Here are some of the tried and true infusion therapies we offer you:

Vitamin and Mineral Regenerative Therapies

For years, we have seen the proven results of high doses of vitamin and mineral therapies delivered intravenously in the treatment of states of weakness and exhaustion, chronic fatigue syndrome, persistent infections that keep coming back, general immunodeficiency as well as after sickness and surgery.

Any existing vitamin deficiencies will be eliminated quickly and effectively, while symptoms such as nervousness, exhaustion, fatigue, lack of motivation, and immunodeficiency will be remedied. 

High doses of vitamin infusions lead both to an increase in your level of performance and to a strengthening of your immune system, e.g. lowered susceptibility to infections and better protection from the common cold. 

Vital Therapy

By means of complex homeopathy, your strained immune system will be regenerated, your metabolism will be activated and your level of performance will be increased. 

Immunity Therapy

By giving you homeopathic immunostimulants, the development and chronification of infectious diseases should be prevented.

Microcirculation Therapy

By activating your circulation and improving the supply of oxygen and nutrients to your cells, your brain circulation will be improved too.

Detoxification Therapy

By improving the performance of your excretory organs, toxic free radicals and contaminates will be completely eliminated as much as possible.