Ultrasound Diagnosis

Ultrasound Diagnosis

Ultrasound Diagnosis

Since we work as an interdisciplinary team, we can offer you ultrasound examinations for almost all parts of the body. Our focus lies in cardiovascular diagnosis and sonography of the upper abdomen in general practice. Our orthopedist also examines joints using ultrasound technology.

Echocardiography (Cardiac Ultrasound)

Echocardiography illustrates the most important cardiac structures such as the shape and size of heart chambers, state of the cardiac walls, function of the heart valves, while enabling us to assess the pumping power and so much more. ...

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Stress Echocardiography

Stress Echo - Cardiac Ultrasound Under Stress

Stress echocardiography (a so-called stress echo) assesses the heart's pump function by means of cardiac ultrasound while the stress level is gradually increased. In combination with an exercise ECG, the stress echo takes place in a reclined...

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Upper Abdominal Sonography

Upper Abdominal Sonography

By means of an ultrasound examination of the upper abdomen, we can diagnose early on numerous diseases of the upper abdominal organs, such as the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and kidneys. Widening of the abdominal aorta, in particular, can...

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Thyroid Gland Sonography

Ultrasound examinations of the thyroid gland are a way to display anatomic structures: We can determine the size of the gland (and possible abnormalities in shape), see structures such as knots, and make conclusions about possible infections...

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Vascular Ultrasound (Duplex Sonography)

We conduct diagnoses with ultrasound technology for all accessible vessels. For instance, examining the carotid arteries plus determining the thickness of their inner walls is a benchmark for the...

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