Calcium Score of the Coronary Blood Vessels

Calcium Score of the Coronary Blood Vessels

Determining the calcium score of coronary blood vessels is a method for early detection of coronary heart disease. This low-radiation cardiac CT scan determines the Agatston score (calcium score) which facilitates a direct, quantitative assessment of the underlying calcifications in consideration of age, gender, and localization.

This cardiac CT scan displays the soft and calcified plaques in great detail. With the help of a computer analysis, we can calculate the extent of the calcifications, thereby gaining an impression of how high the plaque levels in the coronary blood vessels are.

Process of the examination:

You are lying on your back. The examination is conducted while you hold your breath. Usually you have to hold your breath twice so that your heart rate can be kept as low as possible. A rate of 70 beats per minute or less is optimal. It may be necessary to lower your heart rate with the help of medication.