ECG Diagnosis

ECG Diagnosis

ECG Diagnosis

With the help of a surface ECG while resting or exercising, we can collect important information about any cardiac diseases you may have. A long-term measurement of your heart's rhythm over hours, days, or even weeks shows us whether there are any serious disorders in your heartbeat, e.g. your heart races rapidly or skips a beat in spurts.

Resting ECG

Resting ECG

Recording your cardiac waveform with a surface ECG can tell us about your heart's rhythm, its position in the ribcage, and the process of electrical excitement in its cardiac muscle. Biological heart diseases are often connected with serious...

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Exercise ECG (Ergometry)

Exercise ECG (Ergometry)

An exercise ECG (i.e. cardiac stress test) is an important cardiac examination whereby the patient's level of exertion is gradually increased while sitting or reclining in a special exercise apparatus (a so-called ergometer). In addition to...

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Hand Crank Ergometry

An exercise ECG in the sitting position using the muscles of the arm is necessary when extensive use of the legs is not possible. This can be technically justified for very heavy patients (body weight more...

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Holter ECG

ECGs measured over a 24-hour time frame using a digital mini-recorder, if necessary with cardiac pacing detection, help us to detect and analyze cardiac arrhythmias, such as extrasystoles or atrial fibrillation.

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Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Measurement

Heart rate variability (HRV) is a universal indicator of your body's state in tension and relaxation. Certain physical diseases as well as your emotional state make the rhythm of your pulse uneven, whereas it can be made more harmonious by...

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Cardiac Event Recorder

In some cases, cardiac arrhythmias occur not daily but rather once in a while in spurts. For this reason, we offer you a cardiac event recorder which over a four-week period can record the rhythm of your heart whenever necessary. Using this...

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Loop Recorder

In some cases, certain phenomena can suddenly occur once in a while which are caused by cardiac arrhythmia. This could be, say, a sudden unexplained loss of consciousness (so-called syncope), vertigo, a racing heart, or a sudden loss of...

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